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There are no coincidences

August 16, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

How To Attract The Perfect Person For The Job

A few weeks ago I stared at a 5/3 foot section of wall hidden behind a door. The door had remained in front of the wall for a good reason: the plaster had peeled off and the entire section needed re-doing. I stared at the ugly scar and imagined myself fixing it; I heard my cousin telling me, ‘It’s easy. Just slap on some mud. It’ll take a few minutes, half an hour tops. Just do your best.’ Then I remembered another quote, this one from Jane Eyre:JECover

“It’s a pity that doing one’s best does not always answer.”


The term mud originally referred to the mud plaster on adobe walls. Recently, it means a compound that you slap on walls to cover up ugly bits. I decided to take my cousin’s advice and attempt to plaster over the wall. 

First Step: Watch one of the reno shows on TV to see how the professionals do it.

Second Step: While observing the show, consider buying a smaller trowel, one that would actually fit in my hand:


Pie Server

Step Three: Turn off the reno show and face reality.

I’d never be able to do a proper job in half an hour, or even a few hours. My best course of action would be to create a miracle!

For several days, I imagined someone appearing at my door, trusty trowel in hand, bucket of mud in the other, asking if I needed any walls plastered. I saw the wall looking as good as on the TV show. I pictured my hands clean. I dreamed of using the pie trowel to serve pie only. And I believed it was entirely possible. These thoughts continued until last week when my neighbor told me that the Universe had aligned perfectly to draw people and events to me in order to help me with my wall. He didn’t actually say those words nor did he say, ‘The Universe has listened and has manifested the best solution to your little problem.’ What he did say was,

‘My friend is coming over in a few days to help me build a shed.’ 

‘Your friend’s handy is he?’ I asked.

‘Very handy.’

‘Does he know anything about trowels and mud?’

‘Yes, he does. He’s a professional plasterer!’


As I write this, my 5’/3′ freshly-plastered wall is looking beautiful and new. My hands are clean, and I am on my way into the kitchen to serve my plasterer a big slice of apple pie.

July 13, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Dr. Bruce Lipton Connects Consciousness To Our Fate

bruce‘We are totally empowered as masters of our biology.’

Forty years ago, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D conducted stem cell research at Stanford University. He became a pioneer in a new biology that combines the laws of science with the magic of spirit. He discovered that our cells respond and modify their behavior when placed in different environments. Cells in the ‘muscle’ petri dish became muscle cells, those in the bone dish became bones, and the cells in the fat dish became fat cells. This was a significant discovery because he is saying that our genes do not control our fate, but our environment does.

‘The biology or our cells is directly connected to the environment, but between the environment and the cells is the mind, and the mind interprets that environment and then sends messages that control the genetics and the behavior.’

We all understand that at any time we can change our perceptions of life. We know that we see things in our environment differently at new phases in our life or at a particular age. Dr. Lipton claims that when we change our thinking, we change the signals going from our brain to our cells, which changes the genetics and behavior of our cells. We can adjust our biology based on what we believe; consequently, when we change our thinking we become the masters of our fate.

The science of epigenetics studies changes in our cells that are beyond genetics. Epi means above, so epigenetics studies the control above the genes. This conventional science notes that our cells’ response to our environment activates and modifies our genes. Cells can’t see, so how do they match the needs of the environment? Fortunately, our nervous system does all the heavy lifting. It perceives the environment, interprets it, and sends signals called neuro hormones to our cells. The cells receive the interpretation and adapt. 

The mind sees the environment, interprets the situation, and releases chemicals (the signals) in our body to coordinate the functions of our cells to take proper measures within the situation. Dr. Lipton discovered that our perception, the way we see life and react to it, releases certain chemicals into our brain, and this chemistry is added to our blood, which then controls how our cells react and function.

‘When we change our thinking we change our biology.’

We used to believe that our genes determined our fate. We had limited power over our health, physical characteristics, and quirks in our behavior. Epigenetics suggests that our genes do not control our life; thus, hereditary links to our parents and grandparents no longer make us victims of our genetic makeup. 

If we think of our body as just a mindless vessel, we will never make the connection between consciousness and our biology. Consciousness connected to our spirituality is the captain of our physical ship, the driver that controls the system. The driver isn’t a physical substance like genetics but an energy, the same energy that shapes our world.

‘I’m the one that makes a decision on the fate of this vehicle.’

When we change our diet and eat nutritious food, reduce stress, meditate, and calm ourselves we are actively changing our environment. Through our change of lifestyle we can positively affect the 50 trillion cells in our body. Those cells are waiting to hear from their captain. Let’s fill our biology with LOVE so our bodies can celebrate and live in health and joy.

June 27, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Our Subconscious Can Release Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions cause pain. Our subconscious mind follows and records everything that has happened to us throughout our lives. It knows why we’re experiencing certain physical pain. Our headache, backache, stiff shoulders, or sore knee could all be the result of emotional pain that’s been locked inside us for years. We may even have more than one emotion trapped inside.

Fortunately, the subconscious knows exactly what emotional stress caused the pain. How? Because it can connect to Universal Intelligence. The subconscious simply flips through the ‘Book of All Knowledge’ to retrieve the information it needs.

  blank-cover-3 copy

In the video below, Dr. Nelson Bradley demonstrates how muscle kinesiology and appropriate questions help a patient understand where the emotion originated. He asks specific questions: Did it occur before the age of 30? After the age of 30? In the womb? The patient’s body responds in a simple way direct from the depths of her subconscious?

Apparently, all the patient has to do in order to answer his questions is hold her arm parallel to the floor. If she’s feeling emotional stress, the energy flow becomes locked and strong, so his gentle pressure on her arm is not sufficient to lower her arm. That strong resistance is a ‘yes.’ When the question doesn’t elicit any pain, the body allows a break in the energy flow, which makes the arm relax and succumb to his slight pressure. When the arm drops, that’s a ‘No.’

Another interesting point in the video is that the subconscious mind checks with Universal Intelligence for the information recorded on Dr. Nelson’s ’emotion chart’, so the patient need not see the data herself.

The subconscious knows what emotion we have trapped inside us, and can communicate that knowledge to us through muscle kinesiology. This enables us to heal  as we release the cause of the corresponding physical discomfort.  Our deep awareness can tell us a great deal about ourselves, which in turn can help us free trapped emotions. Just more evidence that our minds have extraordinary powers and that miracles are real.

June 21, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Appreciate**Be Grateful**Expect Miracles


Henri Matisse, 1897

Whenever my family and I sat down to the dinner table for our evening meal, my Mother would say grace. During her prayer, I would study the food on my plate to make sure the peas weren’t touching the potatoes, and that no foodstuffs spread into my slice of beef. Her words drifted into the ether and held no significance for me. As soon as she finished the prayer with the word ‘Amen,’ I recognized the signal to grab my fork and dig in. 

Her prayer was simple:  ‘Bless us O Lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from your bounty.’

I knew my Mother was thanking God for our food, but I never actually pictured the meal on my plate as coming from God’s bounty;  I probably didn’t know the definition of  ‘bounty.’ I never imagined a dinner hour skipped because of a lack of food; I took it for granted that dinner was always around 6:00, so I never felt compelled to be truly appreciative.  In short, I never thought deeply about her prayer.

The importance of her words had little impact on me until I learned the power of gratitude. Then I saw how the exercise of saying grace was invaluable.

Life can be so much easier when we take the time to be grateful. When we appreciate every seemingly insignificant ‘gift’ we begin to view our lives through a clearer lens. We see our ‘haves’ instead of our ‘have nots.’ We begin to see opportunities where before we only saw obstacles.  This shift in awareness is crucial if we want to attract miracles. If we focus on our problems, we draw an exhausting energy to our spirit. Our fatigue from worrying and stressing makes us vulnerable to exaggerated expressions of fear. Hope becomes illusive; our dreams dissolve; we give up.

Evening Prayer

Each morning when you wake up, be appreciative of the shelter that keeps you dry and warm. Look around and find 3 things to be thankful for: the sun streaming through the window; the rain helping the garden grow; the carpet keeping your feet cozy. Make the effort to take the time to be grateful. When I get in my car, I’m thankful for the fuel in my gas tank. When I see my friends, I’m thankful they’re in my life. When I order a beverage at a restaurant, I’m thankful I can afford it. These are simple examples that take no time to say to yourself. Gradually, you begin to feel pretty good about your rich bounty.

As your energy improves with each thank you, and your spirit enlivens from your enthusiasm, you experience the force of gratitude. The Universe wants us to be happy. It reflects our excitement about finding that quarter in the parking lot with more exciting creations: it reflects our mood back to us.  Start today and become empowered with every nod to your ‘gifts’. And before you eat, do like my Mom and give a shout out to the Universe. 

June 10, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

The Power of Mind When Faced With A Challenge

Last summer my backyard became a latrine for a raccoon. For some reason, hidden deep in my subconscious, I called this nocturnal marauder Jeremy. Every morning, I ventured to the grassy spot in my yard to see what gifts Jeremy had left when he dropped by during my sleep time. Never disappointed, there was always a little black mound laced with cherry pits awaiting removal. ‘Grrr!’

Not to be outdone by this pesky intruder, I devised a plan to discourage Jeremy from doing his duty on my land. The plan arose after many online searches of how to discourage a raccoon from soiling soil. Too many tips to list here. Let’s say, I tried everything (most of which involved smelly compounds) but nothing worked, so I resorted to my plan.

I encircled his latrine (always the same spot) with chicken wire. I then put up a sign on the chicken wire that said:

signLater that night, I heard a high-pitched cry of frustration coming from my backyard. Terrified to confront Jeremy, I waited until morning to do a latrine inspection. ‘Ah hah!’ The little black mound was nowhere to be found. Success!

A few mornings passed without incident, so I was momentarily relieved. On the fourth morning, I spied a little black glob on the outside of the chicken wire. Jeremy had been analyzing the situation and come up with a novel approach: he would open a new latrine station a few inches from his former haunt.

Was I discouraged? YES! Would I resort to violence? Not sure.

The next day, I awoke with a new plan, a fresh approach, a healthy vision of how to rid my yard of Jeremy forever.  I would use the power of my mind to remove the inconvenient varmint without lifting a finger.  I sat in my garden and imagined Jeremy and his little globs gone forever. I saw pristine green grass everywhere. The black mounds and their cherry pits had long disappeared. My garden was clean and full of normal bugs and butterflies. 

photo copy

The next morning, I checked for signs of Jeremy. Found none.

Could it be? Had I successfully used the power of my mind to imagine him gone? Does it really take that little an effort to rid a backyard of pests? The next morning, I held my breath and checked on the ancient ruin where a latrine once sat. Nothing. No specs of black, no cherry pits, no remnants of Jeremy. This really was a miracle.

A few days later as I happily skipped through my garden, my neighbor told me an interesting tale. She said that she had a mother raccoon under her garage for awhile.

‘A female?’ I asked.

She replied that it must have been because it had a baby with it.

(Couldn’t be my Jeremy)

She then said that, like Elvis,  it had left the building. The mother had given birth; stayed around the garage until her baby grew big; had sauntered to other yards to poop; and then left the neighborhood for good. Picked up stakes and left. 

What was I to make of this new information? Was this a coincidence? If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know there are no coincidences. So, the only possible conclusion I could draw was that my mind is indeed most powerful.

May 30, 2013
by MyThirdChakra
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Be Willing To Accept Your Riches


The 3 simple steps to manifesting your desires are:

1) Ask for what you want

2) Trust that the Universe hears your request

3) Open your heart and mind to receive your abundance

One of the easiest and strongest methods for receiving what you ask for is to write down your desire. After you write it down, read it out loud every day. Within a short time, signs will appear to show you that your wish is being granted and is on its way. The manifestation of your desire grows closer to reality each time you read your desire out loud. Why does this work? Because the more we hear it, the sooner we become convinced it will actually happen.plantbook

The Universe always hears your request. You need to believe it’s on its way. If you’re worried the Universe might have got your order mixed up and accidentally sent your desire to your neighbor’s house, ask for a sign that it’s coming. The Universe is doing its job, so you must do yours: stay open to receiving the signs.

The most important part of your job is ‘stay open to receiving.’

Believe that everything you want exists for you, and your gift of abundance will come to you as soon as you ask for it. It will come to you, but if you block its entry into your life you’ll never see it. It could be on your front doorstep, but if you’re doubting it’s there, you’ll stop looking for it and miss receiving it.  Or worse: you’ve stopped believing it’s possible. Give the Universe a chance to show you it’s working on your behalf. Be patient, and keep your receiving mechanism turned on.

Everything I ask for is available.

The Universe is happy to bestow these gifts on me.

Is there a gift you’d like to receive from the Universe? Do you believe the Universe is powerful enough to bring you that gift? Open your heart to the partnership that was yours from the day you were born and be willing to receive.

You ask, the Universe listens, you receive your abundance.


May 25, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Daily Affirmation For Saturday


A friend of mine was putting her house up for sale. She was worried that it might take months to sell. I suggested she ask the Universe for help by making a list of what she truly desired regarding the sale. She thought this was a simplistic method of finding the right buyer, especially in a slow market. I pressed my case.

I said, ‘Imagine you are standing at one end of a large concrete culvert, a massive water pipe if you like, and you’re able to stand up inside.  You see a gleam of light at the other end. This tunnel runs under a busy street, and you can hear the cars whooshing by above your head. A small trickle of water runs by your feet. On the outside of the tunnel are parks filled with children and parents, dogs and teens all playing and enjoying the fresh air. No one knows you’re in the tunnel. No one can see you.


‘As you look at the light at the end, you see it morph into a giant pair of ears.


‘You might see it as only one ear, but however the image comes to you, you intuitively know that the ear is waiting to hear your desires. Tell it what kind of buyer you want, how fast you would like your house to sell, and what price you’d like to get. As you step closer to this giant ear, you notice it begin to vibrate. You tell it your specific needs: an enthusiastic  buyer who arrives as soon as you put the house on the market; a buyer who puts in an offer right away; a buyer who offers the list price.

‘As you make your request to the ear, you feel your whole body vibrating at its frequency. Suddenly, the ear melds into an even brighter light than before. You are now in tune with each other, and you sense that your desires will be forthcoming.

‘You also sense that this communication is only between you and that beautiful light. No one in any of the cars on the busy street above can influence your link; no one in the parks on either side of the tunnel can interfere with your bond; not one drop of water can block the flow between you and that light. In fact, the water allows perfect conductivity with the light.

‘When you were born, the Universe gave you this light for your own personal, direct, and unhindered conversation.’

My friend listened and then said, ‘But the market is slow right now.’

I stopped her and said, ‘The market exists in the park and on the busy street. The market exists outside your connection; therefore, it has no bearing on the outcome of your desires. The market is just the illusion shared by all the people in the cars and in the parks. That is not your reality. The only reality you have is between you and that light. This link is your gift, so be generous enough to receive it. Allow it to help you.’

I am not making this up: The DAY her Realtor put her house on the market (the supposedly slow market), a buyer viewed the house with his Realtor and fell in love with it. He put in an offer, which happened to be the asking price, and will be taking possession in three months, which allows my friend time to find a new place for herself.

She sat with me yesterday to make a list of the things she wants in a new home. She intends to place herself inside that tunnel again to commune with her own personal light source. Then she will begin her search and will allow that Source to guide her to her ideal home.

The link between our desires and our Source of creativity is our birthright. When we’re born with two hands, we don’t keep our left one behind our back and only use the right; that would be relegating a natural part of us to a life of futility.

Our mind, through the power of our imagination, has a direct connection to our Source of creativity. The Source is pure Love, and exists to provide us with an abundant and happy life. Ask for help and have fun. Watch how that light brings people and events toward you as you work at attaining your goal. Allow your Source to provide you with the riches you desire. It can create miracles . . . even in a slow market.


May 24, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Daily Affirmation For Friday


Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.

You can make a choice between enjoying your day or putting a frown on your face. Before you choose, know that the face has 43 muscles controlled by the facial nerve. Wouldn’t you rather exercise those muscles with a smile than a frown?  Science is still unclear as to how many muscles we use each time we smile or frown. Each expression has differing degrees of intensity, so it’s hard to give a definitive number, but science does agree that when we smile, even though we feel lousy, our mood improves.  So give those muscles a workout and smile.


When you have a task that might seem difficult, maybe the best approach is to smile at it before you begin. This tactic might improve your mood while you work. Perhaps you could convince yourself that you really are enjoying yourself. First you put on the smile, then you tell yourself ‘I’m enjoying this.’ Sometimes when we start out pretending or playacting, the emotion becomes real. Can’t hurt to try.

We celebrate the gift of this day when we enjoy everything we do.

Pulling weeds in the garden may not seem like an enjoyable exercise, but we can thank our hands for working properly and doing their job. We can appreciate how well the muscles in our arms are functioning. We can thank our bones for not breaking each time we bend at the knees. We can applaud ourselves with a job well done and enjoy the results of our labor. 

If our body is doing the tasks we need it to do, then we should be enjoying the wonder of the muscles, tendons, and bones to do our bidding. We can enjoy everything we do by appreciating this amazing structure we call our body.

This day will never happen again.



May 23, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Daily Affirmation For Thursday

Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love. –Lao Tzu


When you give love you receive love. Loving is an action, and the more often you express love, the greater the feeling of abundance inside you. As you feel the joy from giving love, open your heart to receive it.

No one has ever become poor by giving.-Anne Frank

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. –H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.  Lao Tzu

May 22, 2013
by MyThirdChakra

Daily Affirmation For Wednesday

‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’ Maya Angelou


Give your attention to what you observe. It may be a desire or a goal you’ve been visualizing. The more you focus and the more you get excited about the very real possibility of attaining that desire or goal, the sooner your vibration flutters and quickens.

Now the best part happens. Your energy has become creative energy. The subject of your desire or goal is making its way to you. Its vibration is searching for your energy’s vibration level. Your thoughts and focus have sent out a specific tone to the Universe.

By thinking about the subject of your desire, you unconsciously sent out an invitation to the Universe to send your desire to your home. You’ve sent out the invitation:

‘Come into my heart. Please drop by anytime.’

The Universe is always vibrating and listening for your invitation. Through the act of focusing and being enthusiastic about receiving your desire, you have landed on the same level of vibration as the Source of all creativity. Your invitation has been received. The subject of your desire is getting closer. Use your creative energy to meet it halfway.

Keep the door open to your heart. Use your creative energy to manifest your experiences.

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