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Be Willing To Accept Your Riches

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The 3 simple steps to manifesting your desires are:

1) Ask for what you want

2) Trust that the Universe hears your request

3) Open your heart and mind to receive your abundance

One of the easiest and strongest methods for receiving what you ask for is to write down your desire. After you write it down, read it out loud every day. Within a short time, signs will appear to show you that your wish is being granted and is on its way. The manifestation of your desire grows closer to reality each time you read your desire out loud. Why does this work? Because the more we hear it, the sooner we become convinced it will actually happen.plantbook

The Universe always hears your request. You need to believe it’s on its way. If you’re worried the Universe might have got your order mixed up and accidentally sent your desire to your neighbor’s house, ask for a sign that it’s coming. The Universe is doing its job, so you must do yours: stay open to receiving the signs.

The most important part of your job is ‘stay open to receiving.’

Believe that everything you want exists for you, and your gift of abundance will come to you as soon as you ask for it. It will come to you, but if you block its entry into your life you’ll never see it. It could be on your front doorstep, but if you’re doubting it’s there, you’ll stop looking for it and miss receiving it.  Or worse: you’ve stopped believing it’s possible. Give the Universe a chance to show you it’s working on your behalf. Be patient, and keep your receiving mechanism turned on.

Everything I ask for is available.

The Universe is happy to bestow these gifts on me.

Is there a gift you’d like to receive from the Universe? Do you believe the Universe is powerful enough to bring you that gift? Open your heart to the partnership that was yours from the day you were born and be willing to receive.

You ask, the Universe listens, you receive your abundance.


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